Watch collection is an incredible hobby for many men all around the world. It depicts your taste, style, and personality. You can buy all the watches in the world, but it is highly important to maintain them.

Here, we provide you with some essential tips on how to store the watches, so their quality is maintained with time.

Men’s Jewellery box

You can keep your watches in a jewellery storage and place it on your console table whenever you need them. Go for compartments that are fit for storing watches. It is better if the jewellery storage box is outlined with a fabric that would keep the watches safe from any scratches or dents.

The jewellery storage box with glass tops are ideal as they enable you to view the collection. Also, it is a practical option that would help you match your watch with your outfit.

Use an insert when placing your watches in a drawer

You can employ an insert if you are placing your watches in a drawer. You can get special trays made especially for fitting inside the dresser drawer. These kinds of drawers have square compartments for holding mens jewelry box or jewellery storage box fit for watches so the watch bands could easily lay horizontally.

Use a non-slip drawer liner on the tray bottom if the compartment is not lined already. That way, your watches would not move when you open and close your drawer. You can cut pieces for adjusting to the compartment size, and you can even use glue.

Use a foam pipe insulation if you do not have a storage box

This type of insulation is also an option if you do not have a box. The insulation is already cut in the shape and size of the person’s wrist. Just slide the watch onto the foam.

Use a cigar humidor to keep watches safe from humidity

A cigar humidor is a perfect storage option for watches if you live in a humid environment and want to keep your watches dry. The humidors are especially designed to keep cigars safe from the adverse effects of temperature and humidity. These factors also damage the watches. If you need a quick option for storage and you like the edgy look of the humidor, it is a perfect option for keeping your precious watches maintained.

Use a watch winder for prolonging life of automatic watches

The best watch winder conveniently turns the watch on for you and keeps it functional even if you are not wearing it. It is best for automatic watches that need winding up for a prolonged life when not in use.

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