A Guide To Using Plasterboard

Plasterboard is the most commonly used building material and is used as an interior wall and to cover ceilings in most houses and commercial buildings. It is a panel that is made from gypsum and covered with lining paper on both sides. Gypsum contains crystals that have small amounts of water in them; and is excellent is preventing the spread of fire as the water crystals help keep the temperature of the water down.  Before the advent of plasterboard, asbestos fibres were used but they posed as health hazards and lead to the use of ceiling tiles Melbourne.  There are many types of plasterboards:

Wallboards are suited to most applications where there are normal fire prevention requirements and sound levels. They can be fixed with double their thickness so that resistance to fire is increased.

Vapour barrier plasterboards have a thin metallic film on the backside of the sheet that prevent warm vapours from passing through as this could lead to condensation upon contact with a cold surface. This is commonly used for insulation.

Sound reduction board is mostly used in flats and apartments that have thin walls and ceilings to provide sound insulation. It is used alongside other sound proofing methods such as resilient bars.

Fire boards have additives such as glass fibre in their core to protect from fire.

Water resistant boards contain water repellent additives and are used in tiling wet areas. They are best for areas with high humidity.

Plaster wholesalers is an Australian company that provides different kinds of plasterboards such as the USG Boral plasterboard in affordable prices. While building a house or modifying it, they are the ideal company to go to for such products. As a homeowner you commonly look at the appearance of things you purchase but best cement sheet supplier are not only are high quality and allow for a smooth finish but also offer resistance to moisture and fire. They are available in many sizes and are made to suit different areas of application making them an ideal material for any professional.  They are easy and quick to install and are extremely durable. Different types of plasterboards come in different colours so that builders are able to differentiate between them. They are versatile also lightweight and can be used for any type of ceilings. They are also recyclable which is perhaps the biggest advantage in this growing age of pollution as it allows anyone from homeowners to professionals to lend a hand in protecting the environment.

USG Boral plasterboards are very high quality and come in many forms such as waterproof and soundproof boards, they can be purchased on line from Plaster wholesalers. Plasterboards are available as either an untapered board or a tapered board. Untapered boards have square edges while untapered boards have a certain thickness in the edges.

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